How to get a job in Indian Embassy

How to get a job in Indian Embassy with full information

Every time we keep answering some or the other question. But today I ask you one thing. Have you ever heard about the Embassy or its name? Indian What is Indian Embassy, How to get a job in Indian Embassy and how much salary is available in it?

If you want to do a job in Indian Embassy, then Indian How to get a job in Indian Embassy must read it completely so that you can know how many types of jobs are there in Indian Embassy and how much the salary of an Indian Ambassador is. After that, you can start your career.

What is Indian Embassy

Embassy means the embassy is that place or building which represents another country in one country. Like the Embassy of America in India and the Embassy of India in America. But what is the need for this? So look, we know that no country can survive alone, no matter how developed it is, governments have to work in harmony with each other.

Business, Politics, Cultural Thought, and Issues can be easily discussed between them, and therefore Embassy is formed. The officers who work in these are called Ambassadors, who communicate with each other on every aspect and issue of their country and hold meetings. We help our citizens living in that country. And in this way, Ambassador and Embassy work like a bridge between two countries.

By the way, there are about 100 Foreign Embassies and 136 Consulates in India. And around 89 Embassies and 108 Consulates of India are present all over the world. Let us tell you that Embassy is in the capital of the country while Consulate is in any other main city of the country.

Now you must have understood what is Embassy. And Indian Embassy job is very Reputed and Responsibilities. So in such a situation, if you also want to do a job in the Indian Embassy, then this article is for you because in this article we are going to tell you how to apply for subordinate jobs in Indian Embassy, how to become an Ambassador in Indian Embassy. ? How can you apply for local jobs and how can you apply for language-related jobs?

How to get a job in Indian Embassy

That is, how can you prepare for the four types of positions in the Indian Embassy? First of all, know how to become an Ambassador to the Indian Embassy?

How to become Ambassador in Indian Embassy?

To become an ambassador, you have to become an IFS officer who is the authority for the activities and administration of the Indian Mission Abroad. And work to execute the foreign policy of the government.

An IFS officer can be posted at Indian Embassies and Missions Abroad and can also be appointed at Institutions like the UN, UNESCO, World Bank, and SAARC. Apart from this, they can also get the post of passport and visa officers in India. And in this way, two-thirds of an IFS officer’s career is spent in foreign countries and 1/3rd in the headquarters of the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

To become an IFS Officer, you have to pass the UPSC civil service examination. Which has 3 stages Prelims, Mains, and Interview, the selected candidate is given training at many levels like LBSNAA i.e. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, three months of training, Foreign Service Institute New Delhi for one-year additional training After that 6 months on the job training with a Division officer with Ministry of External Affairs.

After this, the Third Secretary i.e. Language Trainee is allotted to the Indian Mission. After that, the Foreign Service Probationer has to clear the Ability Test. After which he is confirmed as IFS Officer in Indian Foreign Services.

And then he is appointed as Secondary Secretary in any Indian consulate for three years in any division of the Embassy like Administration, Cultural, Commerce, Economic or Political. And in this way, it takes 3 years from clearing the exam to become a Foreign Service Officer.

And after that, the post of Ambassador can be reached through the position of First Secretary, Counselor, and Ministry. The position of the counselor is found after 13 years of service, then the post of minister is reached after 17 years of service and after gaining a lot of experience, the post of ambassador is reached.

What is the salary of an Indian Ambassador?

The average salary received by an IFS officer is 60 thousand per month. And they also get other benefits. This salary received by the IFS officer is according to the senior level and junior level. And according to the country in which they are posted, there is no variation in it.

But in the condition of Special Foreign Allowance i.e. if an IFS officer is appointed in the USA then this salary can be 2.40 lakhs every month.

How To Apply For Sub-Ordinate Job

If you want to apply for the post of Sub-Ordinate Services like ASO i.e. Assistant Section Officer in the Ministry of External Affairs, then you have to clear the SSC CGL exam. Let us tell you that an ASO has to assist IFS officers in their work. The document to be signed between the countries has to be planned and checked.

Coordination has to be kept between the different offices of the Consulter with the headquarters in the Home Nation. And friendly relation has to be maintained. By the way, to give the exam for this post, it is necessary to graduate with any recognized degree. Your age should be from 20 to 30 years.

This exam is done in 4 Tiers. Out of which Tier 1 and Tier 2 are online exams. In which questions about different subjects are asked. There is Tier 3 Descript paper which is offline. And there is an online exam for Tier 4 Qualifying which consists of a computer efficiency test or data entry skill test.

On the basis of Tier 1, 2, and 3, a merit list is prepared and the selected candidate is given joining on the post of ASO. There is no training at the time of joining. But if there is a foreign posting, then 30 days of training is definitely there. And also have to pass the Foreign Language Proficiency Test.

How much salary does ASO get?

The starting salary for an ASO is 60 thousand per month. Which can also be given up to 2 lakh per month in posting in Foreign Countries. Apart from basic pay, ASO also gets many benefits like Accommodation, DA, TA, and HRA.

Local Staff Hiring in Indian Embassy

If you want to hire Local Staff in Indian Embassy, then for this, a local citizen is preferred who has a degree in International Relations and knows the English language and the local language well.

The such staff works in different departments of the Embassy like Commercial, Counselor, Ambassador Office, etc. For example, if you see the Requirements for the Community welfare clerk job in the Embassy of India, then apart from Bachelor’s Degree, Vocational Training, and Work Experience, there should be a complete hold on the language according to the country.

Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Excellent Proficiency in using MS Office Suite and command over General IT skills. Apart from this, Multi Tasking, Creative, Innovative, Organized, Result Oriented Team Player fit for this position.

You can submit your CV after getting such a job vacancy or you can also apply through mail.

There is a lot of variation in the salary of local staff, which is based on their work in different divisions. And if he is employed in another country, according to that country it is a very different salary package. Nevertheless, it can be estimated that the starting salary of the local staff can be 8 to 10 thousand per month.

Language Jobs in Embassy

Language jobs in the embassy are a very good job profile. And the world hires for local language jobs in almost every embassy host country. Although every embassy is different, its rules and regulations are very similar to each other.

Therefore, if you want to do any embassy language job, then you must have at least Bachelor and Experience in the related field. Apart from this, criteria are decided according to your job, in which a Master’s in International Relations may also be required. So there can be demand for IT professionals too.

Such jobs are limited and they are of both permanent and temporary nature. Therefore, to apply for language jobs, one should keep checking the official website of that embassy. And your CV must be submitted to the embassy where you want to do the job.

Apart from this, you can get the latest information by creating your own network through platforms like LinkedIn. So that you can get chances of getting a job. After that, only your language expertise and communication skills can take you forward.

Some Famous Jobs

Translator and Interpreter

Most foreign embassy offers such jobs as French Embassy in India will offer translator and interpreter job which is expert in French and also in regional language.

HR Jobs

If you have mastered the language of a foreign embassy, then you can also get an executive or managerial job in that country’s embassy in India.

Customer Support Jobs

Talking about customer support jobs, every embassy is hiring for customer support. In which work like document tasks, Voice based jobs, Back Office work, and Document Translation are done. You should have knowledge of this work, as well as you should have command of the required language.

Foreign Language Jobs

If you know a foreign language and you fulfill the criteria of any job, then you can also get a job in a foreign embassy as a research analyst and market researcher, finance section, library section, and economic department. And in all these jobs, language skills will be your secondary but essential qualification.

So, friends, there are many ways to get a job in Indian Embassy, which according to the post, like IFS Exam for Ambassador, SSC CGL for Assistant Post, and Language Proficiency with other conditions for Clerk and Translator Post. Now you have to think which of your posts will be suitable for them.

what did you know

Friends, today in this article we have talked about the way to get a job in Embassy like How to get a job in Indian Embassy, What is Indian Embassy, how to become an Ambassador, and how much is the salary of an Indian Ambassador? And told about many different jobs.

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